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Sunday, May 22, 2011

VFW Hall, Polka, and Men with Beer Can Hats

What makes a community liveable? Last night I pondered that question at the VFW Hall in the little village where I live. A local company had rented the VFW Hall and installed a fine Polka band for a night's entertainment. The sign outside said, "Dance, All Ages Welcome, 70's, 80's,
and Polka, Friday 7-11."

I don't think that you've really lived until you've seen a man with Beer Cans poised on either side of his head like antlers bounce around the floor to "Roll Out the Barrell." He was having a terrific time.

It seems to me that uniqueness, tolerance, sustainability, and a shared sense of values all contribute to the liveability of a particular community. While polka isn't my preferred dance music, I've been known to shuffle around when the accordion warms up. It has something to do with community.

If you have a hat that holds two beer cans on either side, you understand what I am saying right away.

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