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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raising Money for the Michigan Environmental Coalition

Hassle-free donations help build a sustainable Michigan

Sustaining Donors use simple online system to strengthen MEC

The easiest way to contribute to the Michigan Environmental Council is also a great way to stretch your dollar further to build a cleaner, safer and more prosperous Michigan.

Instead of making a single gift each year, Sustaining Donors spread their support across multiple smaller payments. Among the many benefits of this method of giving:

•It’s easy. Our website allows you to have monthly or quarterly gifts charged to your credit card securely and automatically. It takes just a few minutes to set up your recurring gift, and once you sign up, that’s it. Your support for MEC continues hassle-free, and you can change or cancel your giving plan at any time.

•It adds up. By spreading your support across multiple payments, you can more generously contribute to the state you love without seeing much difference in your monthly bank statement.

•It helps us fulfill our mission. The reliable support of Sustaining Donors helps MEC plan accordingly to stay strong and effective.
To become a Sustaining Donor, click on “Support” at the top right of this page. Then simply select the frequency of your gift, answer a few short questions, and you’re done.

Of course, we are grateful for all donations we receive, and for our supporters’ trust in MEC to get things done on the issues that matter to them. We’re spreading the word to make sure all our friends know how easy and beneficial it is to become a sustaining donor. To show our appreciation for those who pledge their consistent support:

• We’ll make you an event sponsor. MEC will recognize anyone who signs up for monthly gifts of at least $35 or quarterly gifts of $105 or more as a sponsor of our annual Environmental Awards Celebration. (This year’s event will be on June 8 in Lansing.) Our event sponsorships normally start at $500, but we’re offering this discount to acknowledge the reliable generosity of Sustaining Donors. April 20 is the deadline to be recognized as a sponsor for this year’s event.

• We’ll send you less mail. We are happy to continue mailing you our two yearly fundraising appeals to keep you up to date on our work, but if you’d rather not receive them, simply type “Opt out of mailings” in the comment box when signing up as a Sustaining Donor. We’ll still send you our quarterly newsletter, and we encourage you to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter by clicking “Sign up for our e-news” at the left side of this page.
Please consider showing your support for MEC by becoming a Sustaining Donor today. It’s easy for you, beneficial for our organization and a great way to show your commitment to environmental protection and renewed prosperity in Michigan.

Thank you!

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