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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Edible Grande Traverse

Edible Grande Traverse is an award-winning publication which season by season promotes the appreciation of the local foods produced in Michigan‘s northwestern Lower Peninsula . We celebrate the seasonal and authentic foods, beverages and culinary traditions that make our foodshed both more diverse and more sustainable. Our mission is to help transform how our community shops for, cooks, and thinks of the foods we eat. Why spell Grande with an "e"?

Through our magazine, website, and events, we link readers with area farmers, retailers, chefs, winemakers, and cheese and bread artisans and their passions for great foods. By encouraging these relationships to grow and thrive we hope to contribute to a future for the northwestern Lower Peninsula that includes healthy farms and foods and clean air, soil and water.

Edible Grande Traverse is for readers interested in:
  • Eating and growing delicious, locally produced, seasonal foods.
  • Learning about the people who grow, produce, cook, sell and serve those foods.
  • Discovering great dining, day trips, wine, beer and spirit makers, food events, festivals, books to read and new products to savor.

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