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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shire horse rescue after ice fall in Isle of Man

by BBC A 22-year-old shire horse has been rescued after it slipped and fell on an ice patch in the Isle of Man. The animal, called Lady, crashed to the floor at the island's Home of Rest for Old Horses in Braddan on Saturday. Fire crews were called for assistance after staff at the home failed to lift the 1,000 (tonne) weight. After two hours of using specialist slings, lifting equipment and man power they managed to get it back on its feet. The vet and staff at the home then rubbed its legs to bring back the circulation and it was able to walk back to its stable. A fire service spokesman said: "After a night's rest in her stable Lady is responding well and staff are hopeful that she will be none the worse for her ordeal."

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