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Monday, February 20, 2012

How much does a shire horse eat in a day?

from Wikianswers
A Shire horse eats a lot, often 15-20 kilos of good hey each day if trained a lot. And do not even think about cutting down on it, and give the horse free amount of hey as far as possible. When speaking of grain you have to be careful, especially when giving it to foals, yearlings and youngsters to avoid them "growing apart". A cold blooded horse like the Shire horse must not grow too fast, nor too slow. If it gets too rich nourishment during the first years growing up, they will get a too big and porous skeleton, which increases the possibilities of loose bone splinters and following health problems. At the same time you have to feed the horse so much that the growth does not restrain, and the horse can develop according to the Shire horse standards. This is why it is necessary to find the balance between the horses' needs and the feed it actually gets. Certain diseases can cause certain needs, and might also be decisive if the horse can function as normal.

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