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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why are shire horses endangered?

by Wikianswers

•Are shire horses endangered?

Yes, because of their large size many people don't want them any longer. People tend to buy more athletic, lighter horses. However, I will always prefer a shire :)

•Why is a shire horse called a shire horse?

The shire horse is named a shire horse because it originated in the shire counties of England.

•Why horses are in endangered?

Horses themselves are not endangered but certain species are. Australia is home to the most wild horses in the world. They are brumbies, they are an official breed however, the other small percentage...

•When is a horse in endangered?

It depends where the horse is if it is in the wildlife it would be more endangered than a farm or ranch. Horses don't really get indangered because people don't want to kill them like with cows for...

•Why are horses endangered?

Probably mostly because horses today are used mostly for riding, not for breeding.

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  1. "The Shire mount is the best your survival of an beginning form which was verbal of by old authors as the 'Great Horse.'