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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Activities


Unlike a federally designated national park, hunting is allowed in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. And what amazing hunting opportunity there is! Come October, the chalky aspen covers and old abandoned farms offer a magical backdrop for some of the finest upland grouse and woodcock hunting in the Midwest. November means a chance at seeing a buck of a lifetime slinking through the sand dunes and cedar swamps headed down to Lake Michigan to drink. South and North Manitou Islands offer a primitive, wilderness deer hunting experience not found anywhere else in the Lower 48.

Salmon Fishing

They strike like lightening, weigh as much as a cinder block, and pull like no fish you've ever tangled with before. For the angling adventure of a lifetime, book a big-tackle, offshore charter with friends or family. Or go-it-alone on the Platte River where salmon fishing in northern Michigan was born. Here, come September, the Chinook and Coho salmon can be found surging upstream by the hundreds, blackening the water with their sheer numbers. Keep your cool and hold on salmon offer one of the most challenging fights in fresh water.

By The Homestead

Leaf Peeping

Amidst the glorious colors of fall, you wind down back roads lined with golden fields. Stopping for fresh cider, maybe a Halloween pumpkin, a basket of freshly-picked apples at a farmer's roadside stand, or simply pausing at a scenic spot overlooking Glen Lake, Lake Michigan, or the fiery sands of the Sleeping Bear Dunes aglow in the evening sun. You feel the biting chill of the sea breeze coming off the big water, look up a see a wedge of geese winging south all that tells you winter will very soon be here.

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