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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Northern Michigan Haunting

Traverse City

There have been many stories of hauntings at this site that have been told and retold over the years. The hospital itself is undergoing construction now to be made into apartments and I believe a restaurant, but the site itself still has the power to be daunting. There are many buildings to this complex, some were demolished years ago, some are still used by Munson Hospital and yet others are hidden back in the trees surrounding the site. Various ghosts have been seen wandering the grounds of the hospital and are heard echoing from the psychiatric wards.
Small children and elderly people have been reported to appear and disappear on different floors, there is even said to be a disfigured creature that appears from the tunnels and the basement area. Before the construction began, lights would be seen on different floors even though the building hadn't had power to it for years. Several legends have been told by generations of trespassing youth over the years including if you try to take religious materials into the hospital, they will be destroyed before you can enter; the only place this was said not to
happen was in the chapel.

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