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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why eat locally?

Eating locally is a part of a larger effort to discover a method to live sustainably on the earth. Eating locally supports people in your own community. It helps keep transportation costs low and saves oil. Often, it is healthier for your body!

I am one of seven children. I spent my early years  in a home run by two people who survived the Great Depression. My mother clipped coupons, recycled, canned, saved ribbons/wrapping paper, and pinched a penny until it screamed. Mom didn't have a lot of patience with hippies acting like recycling was an idea that they had discovered. If you read any books on the early settlers of the United States, like Laura Ingalls Wilder, you will realize that sustainable living is a fairly old idea.

Of course, the whole idea seems strange to us now. We toss things out like mad. Television goes on the blink. Toss it! Vacuum breaks. Throw it out. Our landfills are a testimony to the kind of lifestyles we've embraced in the United States.

Eating locally produced food--like the food we produce on the Hubbell Farm--is one step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Check out some other steps to sustainable living at: Worldwatch

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