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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shire Horse

by The Equinest


Descendant from the English Great Horse of the Middle Ages, the Shire horse is among the largest of the draft breeds .Origins

Appearing in Britan around the end of the 16th century when strong animals were needed to pull heavy wagons and coaches long distances over rough terrain. The Shire derived from blood of forest horses, and Fresian and Flanders horse imports.

The English Great horse is still considered the Shire horse’s principle ancestor, although its bloodlines were slowly reduced in the stock as the influx of Dutch Fresian blood grew stronger.

Modern Shire horses are renowned for their strength, a pair of Shire horses have pulled 16.5 tons of weight on granite paving tiles.


Average height Over 17 hands

Extremely large animals

Incredible pulling strength

One of the biggest horses in the world


Long neck for a draft horse, with wide shoulders

Legs are clean and muscular, hocks set for maximum leverage

Heavy feathering on back of legs

Big, round hooves

Traditional Colors



Big and gentle, the Shire is a docile giant


General riding

Show horses

Parade horse

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  1. Shire Horse is a breed of draft horse (BRE) or draft horse (AME). The breed has a variety of colors, including black, bay and gray.